iCCup WarCraft III

iCCup WarCraft III 1.24

Plays Warcraft online against other opponents

Provides a ranking system where players have to compete for points. Once 1000 points have been gathered from victories, you evolve in rank thus meeting far stronger opponents. The idea is to always find players of the same skill as yours, thus the ranking systems.

The ICCUP client allows you to play Warcraft 3 on the Internet.
You begin at iCCup with the ranking of “D” with 1000 points. Winning matches will improve your points rating, and losing matches will do the opposite. Every 1000 points you win, you will improve once step in rank. The ranking system goes from D-, D, D+, C-,C, etc. This is a system long implemented by the Starcraft community to create a well balanced environment for players to play in and find players of similar skill.

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